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Story of Sunny Glassware and Lam

Story of Sunny Glassware and Lam

Demi Sunny Glassware 2022-12-01 12:01:52

The reason why Sunny Glassware products are trusted by 80% of American aromatherapy brand customers is that it can bring business value and emotional resonance to customers which is difficult for other peers to surpass.


Lam found me by searching the product information of Sunny Glassware products through google. After receiving the inquiry, I immediately replied to the customer. Through the email, I learned that the customer is very clear about their needs and has a certain understanding of the product.


When the customer discussed the product details with me, he also told me which supplier he was talking about this project with, what the other's advantages were and how much the price was.


Coincidentally, I just listened to my colleague talk about the company, so I asked my colleague for advice. With the help of my colleagues, I introduced the advantages of our products to customers in detail after learning about the situation of our competitors, and shared other customers' feedback on our products and pictures of the site.we quickly made product comparison information for customers to see, and used online video tools to show our products and the size of the company.Sunny Glassware Glass Products has 30 years of glass products history, all kinds of products exported to more than 30 countries and regions.At that time, the customer's face was quite satisfied.


Finally, the customer chose Sunny Glassware, but he had to communicate with his partner about the follow-up matters.So I have to patiently introduce a lot of things to his partner again.In addition,have to revise the overall logo of the samples that have been confirmed.Finally, I communicated with the designers of Sunny Glassware to finalize the final customized scheme, and the quantity and accessories were also revised.Finally, they communicated with the designers of Sunny Glassware to finalize the final customized scheme, and the quantity and accessories were also revised.Sunny Glassware glass products strictly protect customer design, all the new developed by Sunny Glassware within three years have not been copied.



After the delivery of the goods, I was informed in the process of communication with the customer that their forwarders had changed several times, so the communication was quite complicated.However, in the end, the consensus was reached successfully and the product arrived in Australia smoothly. From the customer's follow-up feedback, it can be seen that their business is very hot. Our customers are very satisfied with our products and services.


Sunny Glassware With our strong support, customers rapidly develop and from small workshop to industry leaders.



Story of Sunny Glassware and Lam