Award-winning team of designers has won the trust of many upscale brands

The talented design team is unmatched in China

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Hello everyone, thank you for visiting Sunny Glassware.


We hope you can find your favorite candle jars or bottles for your business. Sunny Glassware was established in 1992, we focus on glassware, ceramic ware designing and manufacturing, and have exported to more than 30 countries and regions. Our office located in Shenzhen, China. There are many factories all over the country which cover machine pressed, machine blown, hand-made blown, IS machine etc. production lines. As well as handling a variety of deep process crafts such as spray printing, electroplating, frosted, screen printing, engraving, hot stamping etc.


As a decodes experience supplier in the industry, Sunny Glassware award-winning team of designers has won the trust of many upscale brands like NEST Fragrance. Each piece of work has to go through a year-long development process before it is produced, during which countless sketches need to be drawn, and the color details must be repeatedly considered before design and production. Made through lots of steps, from its rich and fusion of colors, unique and classic shapes, each finished product is unique and classic.. We get your ideas becoming creative fragrance products and sell them very well in the local market.


Besides exquisite design, the annual OEM quantity can be compared with Zara. With our strong support, customers rapidly develop and from small workshop to industry leaders.


Product quality is the major focus in Sunny. We adopts extra six steps for inspection. Sunny once demolished 80,000 pcs of glass vessel with barely visible blemish. In 2014, Frank, who is the founder of Sunny Glassware, he received an order for 160,000 products from American customers. We gave the factory two complete molds, but the factory opened a few more according to our molds as its were not enough. We did not find that there was a slight difference until 80000 pieces were made by the factory. We understood this situation may not be discovered by the customers, but we did not want to take risks.


Choose Sunny, choose happiness!